The Dance Factory

The Dance Factory


Mic Thompson

Mic Thompson: (International choreographer/dancer)

The Dance Factory is run by my absolute favorite gal in the whole world and her name is Debbie Holtzclaw.

The spirit of dance on a professional level is very strong there, I must say, and the training that Debbie offers is amazing and makes for a well rounded dancer. I am sure that all the dance students taking lessons at the studio enjoy the excitement, and caring and positive attitudes. I know this because my relationship with Debbie and the Dance Factory is a close bond to this day.

I believe that dancing has a special way to turn you onto life and offers an uplift to your soul. I am deeply grateful to my Heavenly Father for the blessing of dance and I appreciate any opportunity I have to share this gift.

Dance Factory Dancer

Julie Hughes: (Dance Mom)

My daughter has been dancing with the Dance Factory for 9 years and loves it. The classes are challenging and fun. She has not only learned dance but also life lessons such as disipline, teamwork and integrity. Debbie Holtzclaw is a wonderful teacher and inspires the students to expect greatness from themselves. The camaraderie of the students and parents is undeniable. I recommend the Dance Factory to anyone young or old who has a passion for dance.

Jennifer Golding: (Dancer)

The Dance Factory brought dance back into my life! As an adult, I had forgotten how much I love to dance! 7 years ago, I was encouraged by a friend to try out their adult tap class and have been dancing there ever since.

The studio is a tight-knit group of dancers who have fun and enjoy performing in an expertly-produced performance. The instructors are all very competent and caring towards the students.

I would recommend The Dance Factory to anyone who wants to learn about dance and have fun!


Hailey Morey: (Former student)

I attended The Dance Factory for many years and have gone on to perform at a university level. What I have taken from the dance factory is more than about dance. I have learned how to love life, myself, and the people around me. I loved my time at The Dance Factory and the love that is there.

On the subject of technique... thank you Dance Factory. I was never a huge fan of ballet but Debbie strongly encouraged all to take ballet and that has saved my life in continuing to progress in dance. I am thankful for the hard work that was asked of me, as well as the choice to become the dancer that I wanted to become.

The Dance Factory is fun for all ages and a positive experience for anyone who desires!